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and collaborative text editing
for mobile groups



Reduce the time wasted on unnecessary messages

No need to keep all the details in your head
Collaborating without distractions

Fast idea validation and improvement
Brainwriting and Delphi method support
One-page interface
No registration required for 1 hour woking

Use of collective intelligence to deal with uncertainty
Instant creation of new projects
Saving time on maintaining collaboration
Keeping the team on the same page

Maintaining a personal working rhythm
Important information is on a foreground
Mindful messages instead of fast reactions
The most flexible project management solution


more benefits
and more
still curious?



When you reach the limits of your instant messenger
and a text editor usage slows you down











A whole project on one page

Text edditing, commenting and voting
5 update tracking tools
In-text task setting
Anonymous comments option
Mobile friendly text restructuring
Text highlighting presets





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