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Don't let your idea die in an archive!
Activate it right now with Agreedon!


Convert your doubts into certainties
Get support from others
Collect and evaluate a wider range of alternatives
Get fast and structured feedback



Magic of collaboration is when result overcomes your efforts



Why Agreedon?

Text messengers doesn't preserve the current idea state forcing people to read all messages in long threads.
Text editors are not for communication, so people waste a lot of time on formatting and polishing texts with unvalidated ideas.
Agreedon is a communication tool for collaborative project development on one page.

Take advantage of using Agreedon for:

collecting and
validating ideas
and text

How it works?

Suppose that you are developing a plan and it is open in a text editor.
You can easily add and correct text.
And now imagine that every documents line (paragraph) is a separate forum thread
where you can vote and discuss the best solution for this part of a plan.
Participants has access to the latest version of a project
and a possibility to improve it in a real time.


Take a look and try a sample project *
* no sign up required !
Agreedon Vs a word processor


Key benefits
  • saves time on phrasing and designing before your idea is validated
  • saves time on reading all previous messages to get the big picture
  • 3 feedback tool types for participants with different motivation
  • improvements do not affect the project's integrity
  • fits for brainwriting (that is more efficient than brainstorming)
  • tracking changes & text comparison features
  • access to all edits, versions and opinions
  • it is possible to access public projects even without registration


Turn your ideas to reality:
- Compile a description of your idea as a text message here
- Invite people into your project to collect feedback, other ideas and alternatives
- Evaluate every possible solution
- Create a plan and a roadmap to achieve the desired goals
- Assign tasks



Please notice that:
1.a Agreedon is a working service and you can try use it now! But it is not perfect yet, so ...
1.b - we are in Open Beta Testing mode.
2.a You can become the Glorious Influencer by giving us some ideas on how to make Agreedon better!
2.b - and do not forget to ask for an extended account as a reward
3.a Feedback form will appear in this block after you sign up
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