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Types of agreedon accounts


is free
>  starting up to 3 public projects/month (30days long each)
>  editing/creating new versions
>  voting
>  commenting
>  tracking 1 last project
>  joining public projects (up to 10 users/project)
>  joining extended projects (unlimited)
all as in 1.Basic and
+  starting extended projects (unlimited)
+  access to previous editions (history)
+  votes statistic
+  versions comparison
+  tracking changes in last 10 projects
+  joining public projects (unlimited)
+  projects explorer
all as in 2.Comfort and
+  creating private projects
+  creating groups / organizations
+  administering users roles



Please notice that:
1.a Agreedon is a working service and you can try use it now! But it is not perfect yet, so ...
1.b - we are in Open Beta Testing mode.
2.a You can become the Glorious Influencer by giving us some ideas on how to make Agreedon better!
2.b - and do not forget to ask for an extended account as a reward
3.a Feedback form will appear in this block after you sign up
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